Equipment Grants


Your donation assists APSA in providing the equipment needed to help keep our officers safe. With ever tightening budgets, many law enforcement agencies are under-funded and lack the ability to provide their officers with critical life-saving equipment.

Whether it is lights, communication equipment, or duty gear, having the right equipment is vital to our officers' safety. Agencies nationwide are encouraged to request equipment donations from us using the attached form. We accommodate agencies that we believe are most in need and can best benefit from our assistance.

If you are a law enforcement officer or agency
and want to apply for an equipment grant,
download, print, and fill out an APSA Equipment Request Form.

Note: If you are one of the rare officers or agencies who need ballistic vests, we'd like to refer you to, another very worthwhile charity that can help you. Likewise, if you or your agency has used vests that are still good  and want to donate them, we also refer you there.

APSA Donates 6,000 Training DVDs to the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors and Armorers Association (MLEFI)

While not an equipment grant to a law enforcement agency, this donation enables MLEFI to provide the DVDs for only $10 each to law enforcement agencies and police officers. This means the agencies and officers receiving them will obtain a net value of between $540,000 and $1,740,000. The DVDs are hard-copy versions of the full-length training programs provided by our training arm, the Police Officers Safety Association (POSA).


Palmview, Texas Police Department – $2,700 toward K9 Unit
Palmview, Texas is on the Rio Grande river and their officers encounter, on a daily basis, drug couriers smuggling drugs from Mexico to the United States. While pursuing these couriers, Palmview is frequently at a disadvantage in tracking and locating them before they cross back into Mexico. They requested help in establishing a second K9 unit to aid with these pursuits, and to help in protecting the officers who are pursuing these dangerous criminals.


Cooperstown, New York Police Department – $1,650 for TASERs

The historic Village of Cooperstown is a small town with global appeal in the heart of central New York. Its many cultural and historic attractions bring visitors from all over the world. Especially during peak seasons, the small police department can be very busy with complaints and arrests. Backup is 15- to 30-minutes away on good days, which is an eternity when bad things are happening. TASERS are recognized as a crucial and necessary part of modern policing, and they dramatically reduce both officer and suspect injuries. The village was unable to afford TASERs for its officers and APSA was glad to help.


Lowellville, Ohio Police Department – $3,800 for Tactical Vests
Too often, we can forget that rural communities such as Lowellville are just as prone to violence as big cities. The village of Lowellville faces the same threats as any other community, but with fewer resources and with help in the form of a SWAT team taking to long to get there in the case of a fast-breaking emergency situation. The tactical vests will protect Lowellville's officers as they handle the high-risk events in their community's residences and businesses.


Castalia, Ohio Police Department – $3,000 for a Cruiser Video System
The village of Castalia is a small town, but it has two state highways running through it and it houses a junior/senior high school. Castalia's PD operates 24/7 with one officer per shift, and last year logged 122 drug arrests. With back up a good 20 minutes away, officer safety is a major concern. Because cruiser dash cams can deter officer attacks and document criminal activity on a traffic stop, they are a valuable tool for officer safety.


Atlanta, Texas Police Department – $3,150 for Lockable Rifle/Shotgun Mounts for Cruisers
It's an essential component of officer safety that officers have quick access to their weapons. Unfortunately, too many departments have their officers carry their shotguns and rifles in the trunk of the cruiser, where they are very slow to get to when needed. Atlanta wanted to equip each of their cruisers with secure, lockable rifle/shotgun mounts for the front passenger compartment of their cruisers. APSA's grant made that possible.


Templeton, Massachusetts Police Department – $3,000 for TASERs And Equipment
Like many small departments, Templeton's police budget was at the limit and there was no money to outfit their officers with TASERs. TASERs have prevented so many officer injuries and deaths, and prevented injury to so many suspects, that no department should have to go without them.


Greenfield, Massachusetts Police Department – $1,075 for Laptop Computer and Printer
The Greenfield Police Department is a lead agency for the rural Franklin County Search and Rescue Team. Most of the ATVs used by the officers on the team are privately owned, and the team has turned to fund raising to buy the additional equipment it needs. One item they needed was dedicated laptop computer and printer for the command post, to communicate and keep track of GPS information for search and rescue routes and maps.


Town of Delavan , Wisconsin – $4000 to purchase folding panel padded mats and other safety equipment.The Delavan Police Department receives a high call volume because the town is located in the area of several large cities including Chicago and Milwaukee. Their new gear improves the current training facility, which poses a risk of injury to officers who must practice self-defense and arrest tactics to respond effectively to the challenge.


K-9 Zeus is Spring Township PD's newest member.

Township of Spring, Pennsylvania- $4,000 toward formation of a new canine unit.
Spring is a busy western suburb of Reading including commercial, industrial, retail, and residential districts. A Pennsylvania State University campus is located there and major highways run through it connecting large metropolitan areas such as New York City and Baltimore/Washington DC. "Meeting the demands of a proactive police force, the ..Police Department needs to continually consider new strategies. The police dog is an ideal tool for a dedicated handler to actively patrol and police…"


Cherokee PD reviewing their new TASERs
Cherokee, Alabama – $4,000 to purchase 4 TASERs, holsters, and training.

Cherokee is a small time located on a major highway running between Memphis and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Local police officers not only address local requirements 24/7, but must also contend with drug traffic related to the highway. The new gear increases the safety of Cherokee officers when dealing with the added problems.


NYPD tactical training exercise simulating a real-life situation.

New York City, New York – Funds to purchase paintball equipment.The New York City Police Department's Tactical Training Unit needed funds that weren't in its budget to purchase paintball equipment to increase the realism of its training. Having devices like these helps greatly to prepare officers for the stress they will encounter in a real situation in which their safety is at risk. APSA was more than glad to help.


Montague, Massachusetts Police Department – Direct equipment donation APSA donated a FIST suit and several thousand dollars worth of training equipment (including many airsoft guns) to help the officers of the Montague Police Department enhance their defensive tactics and firearms skills. Situated at the intersection of North-South and East-West drug corridors, Montague police officers have their hands full!


APSA is an independent organization, not affiliated with the Association for Police and Sheriffs or the U.S. Deputy Sheriff's Association.

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