Advanced Training

APSA’s primary focus is to provide life-saving and injury-preventing advanced training to law enforcement officers. Our training mission is accomplished through our training arm, the Police Officers Safety Association (POSA). We produce our own law enforcement-specific training programs on critical issues and distribute them FREE to law enforcement officers nationwide. We are one of the most-recognized and respected law-enforcement training organizations in the country.

Thousands of officers avail themselves of our free training programs every month. These programs are designed to enhance performance and safety through training in new subjects, leading-edge techniques, and new, modern approaches to officer safety. POSA's training programs are currently focused on use-of-force training because this is the area of greatest risk to officers and typically the most difficult and expensive training to obtain. 

Programs are developed and taught by experienced, dynamic POSA instructors in addition to expanded offerings by nationally recognized adjunct instructors and leading experts. Our training programs are valuable additions to departmental training libraries and are available to every law enforcement officer in the country. These programs can be used in their entirety, or in short blocks for roll-call training.

All of our training programs are available free to all law enforcement officers by download or online viewing. Many full-length programs (45-120 minutes) are also available in DVD format for a nominal fee.  See the Police Officers Safety Association website,, for more information.

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APSA is an independent organization, not affiliated with the Association for Police and Sheriffs or the U.S. Deputy Sheriff's Association.

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